On my way to the Holy Land

This pre-Easter Saturday morning, I’m awaiting my flight to Paris where I will connect to a KLM flight to Tel Aviv.  I’m headed to Israel.  I didn’t realize when I first booked the flight that I’ll be landing in Tel Aviv on Easter Sunday.  I’m going to take a bus straight to Jerusalem – so it’ll be interesting to see the Easter festivities.

On my way to SEA airport this morning, I boarded the Sound Transit Link Light Rail from the newly-opened Capitol Hill station.  I took the #49 electric trolley bus to the new station – and discovered that the bus route is now operating (effective today) every 10-12 minutes from my stop.  This is a nice change from the previous 15-minute frequency!  At the new light rail station on the Hill, I scanned my Orca pass and descended down into the depths of the Hill.  There were several people already waiting on the platform.  Monitors displayed the time of arrival for the next trains.  It was very impressive.  I felt like Seattle is now a real city with these stations.  The stations north of Westlake Center in downtown Seattle are train-only (not shared with bus lines), so it really did feel like a bit city transit system.  I’m looking forward to the continuing expansion of light rail across the Puget Sound region.


A pink fighter jet art installation hangs from the subway platform at the new Capitol Hill Light Rail station


Passengers awaiting the train to arrive at the new Capitol Hill Light Rail station


Subway tile in the subway station


The train to SEA arrives – Seattle is now a big city with a real transit system coming online!

Now, I’m at the airport and just awaiting the Delta flight to board.  I upgraded to Economy Comfort Plus (or whatever Delta calls it).  I’m curious to experience this level of international flying.  

Hopefully, during my trip, I’ll be blogging more than I have in the past since I finally got a keyboard to use with my iPad.  The iPad just mounts magnetically to the keyboard and it connects through Bluetooth.  Magic.  I have regretted not posting the previous few trips of mine to share with friends and family – and for posterity in the “cloud”.  With this Israeli trip, I hope to change that.

I’ll be boarding soon.  Next stop, Paris.

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