UW Cherry blossoms

This morning, I arose near the crack of dawn (without an alarm clock, mind you).  I wanted to get up to see the University of Washington cherry blossoms near sunrise.  However, after dilly-dallying at home for a bit before deciding to commit to the photo shoot, I didn’t even leave the house until just at sunrise.  By the time I got to the main UW Quad, there were already quite a few photographers with their tripods setup shooting away.

Still, I was just enjoying the early Saturday morning feeling in the midst of these rather old beautiful trees. This weekend, they are in full peak.  There were a couple of young couples having their engagement (or wedding?) photos taken.  A few young Asian ladies in full dress with roses posing in front of professional photographers.  Parents had brought their kids to run around and frolic in the beautiful scenery.  

It seems like very early morning is the best time to walk around places and take photos.  People seem to be in good moods. The full day is ahead.

Now, as I eat breakfast at Wayward Vegan Cafe, I’ll post a few photos and test out using the iPad WordPress app. 

Beautiful cherry blossoms at the UW Quad


These benches were pretty popular today


Panorama of the UW Quad


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